There’s a new version for the BOOSTER RIDES: the BOOSTER - PARK MODEL.

This ride is made up of a telescopic column fixed to a concrete fondation with two arms and two vehicles that are free to rotate both directions.
This BOOSTER version gives the maximun possible speed up to 94 Km/h - 60 Mph.

This version is one of the most interesting RIDES available for the Amusement Fixed Park Operators. 

Enjoy being safe

There’s an overhead lap bar for each seat. This is a steel bar made soft by a layer of foamed polyurethane and which can be fixed in different positions in order to provide a perfect adherence to the passenger’s body.
Each bar is kept closed by a double locking rack mechanism positioned at the back of each seat which guarantees the highest safety; its closure is automatic while its opening is controlled by the operator by means of a pneumatic system.

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